Cobots Applications

in Manufacturing and Logistics

Automatic order picking, packing and shipping

The rapid growth of e-commerce has brought about tremendous changes and challenges in the warehouses that serve its needs. This growth is inextricably linked to the dramatic change in the preferences and demands of end consumers in recent years. The immediate consequence is that the volume of products delivered directly to final consumers increases dramatically while the delivery of products on the same or the next day is taken for granted. In order for the company to be able to satisfy the above, it is necessary to have infrastructure both in space, equipment, and obviously human resources.

Cobots collaborative robots can be used in e-commerce warehouses for the following tasks:

  • Automatic picking
  • Automatic sorting
  • Forming, case packing and erecting (box, bag, envelope, crate, etc)

Cobots can also be combined with self-propelled robots (mobile robots) where picking is done by cobots while the movement of selected products by mobile robots. In combination with industry 4.0 technologies (IoT, cloud, connected automation, etc.), an "smart" warehouse is essentially created where:

  • The order is executed much faster
  • Much cheaper
  • More precisely, without errors
  • Human resources are being used wisely
  • The need for vast warehouses is declining

Indicative applications

Indicative applications for e-commerce using a cobot are:


See below application photos:


See below application videos:

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