Cobots Applications

in Manufacturing and Logistics

Case packing is a vital process for all industrial units, as it ensures that products are protected from damage during transport from the factory to the final consumer. When case packing, products of various sizes are grouped and placed in cartons that provide protection, as well as ease of handling with manual or mechanical means.

With the use of a collaborative robot (cobot), case packing can be easily automated, significantly improving the productivity and efficiency of the line, as well as the quality of the packaging.

The cobots are easily integrated into the packaging line and can handle products of any size and shape, while the flexibility and convenience that characterizes them allows the company to immediately meet the sudden need to pack new products / packaging in the same or different place inside the factory.

Cobots can do all the casepacking work (cartoning, boxing, closing) or they can work together with the person in the same space.


They are successfully adopted to optimize the Case Packing process in the industries:

Indicative applications

Indicative applications for Case Packing using a cobot are:

  • Automatic bottle pick & place
  • Automatic product placement in boxes
  • Automatic box unfolding & filling
  • Automatic box erector


Strech film case packing with cobot:


Strech film case packing with cobot:

Related products

The ideal cobots for case packing are the following:

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