Cobots Applications

in Manufacturing and Logistics

Pick & Place Cobots accelerate the collection and placement of objects or components elsewhere. These tasks are usually monotonous and repetitive (in some cases even dangerous) and their execution using robots allows employees to focus on more complex and creative tasks.

Specifically, Pick & Place Cobots are placed in a fixed location near the collection area and use new generation 2D / 3D cameras to locate, identify and move objects from one point to another. They can be used in many ways depending on the product they will manage and the needs of each application.

Their main advantages are the speed, accuracy and consistency with which they perform the work. At the same time, they work with the person who can perform another task on the next bench, in a harmonious and synchronized way, achieving even greater efficiency.


They are successfully adopted to optimize the Pick & Place process in the industries:

Ιndicative applications

Indicative applications for Pick & Place using a cobot are:

  • Automatic bottle pick & place
  • Automatic pick & place of packages in crates


See below application photos:


Related products

The ideal cobot for Pick & Place applications is the Hanwha HCR-5. The HCR-5 is distinguished for its easy programming and flexible adjustment. Its use maximizes productivity in small batch production lines. Its six joints allow it to carry and load products with different angles and positions.

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