Cobots Applications

in Manufacturing and Logistics

Palletization is the process of placing products on pallets either for shipment or storage. It is a repetitive task that requires speed and precision, and if done manually, it is very stressful for humans.

The use of a collaborative robot (cobot) contributes to the automation and noticeable improvement of the quality of the palletization while at the same time relieving the employees from the heavy stress it contains.

The great flexibility and ease of programming & installation that characterizes cobots allows the company to cover different palletizing applications within the factory depending on its needs (sudden or not) while no infrastructure is required in fences or safety bars! For example, in the first shift the cobot could palletize products on the rice line, in the afternoon shift it could palpate products on the pasta line, while the next morning it could be moved to the collection point and help disinfect A materials.

Increased palletization needs in production units make the need for cobots imperative.


They are successfully adopted to optimize the palletization process in the industries:

Indicative applications

Indicative applications for Palletizing using a cobot are:

  • Automatic palletizing of cartons
  • Automatic placing of plastic crates
  • Automatic placing of bags
  • Automatic palletization of rolls


See below application photos:


Palletizing with cobot:

Cobot setup for palletizing application:

Related products

The ideal cobot for palletizing are the following:

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