Company Profile

Theodorou Automation SAICT

Theodorou Automation ABETE, a member of the Theodorou Group, is the largest company in Greece in automation of production and packaging automation and one of the largest in the Balkans.

All our solutions are designed to improve the competitive advantage of our customers while our goals in each project are to increase productivity, reduce costs, maximize employee and product safety and adapt to financial and technical capabilities of our customers.

Cobots are a key tool in the new generation of solutions we offer. They are at the heart of new technologies and digital transformation and are an important vehicle in Industry 5.0 where, while maintaining all the benefits of automation / robotics, humans and robots will work side by side in a perfectly synchronized and safe way, significantly improving competition. business advantage.

The purpose of this website is to inform our customers about the new generation solutions in the industry & the warehouse especially of the collaborative robots, the advantages and the applications they cover, while we wish this page to be the starting point of automation and digital transformation of its own your business!