Cobots Applications

in Manufacturing and Logistics

Quality control of products in a production line requires consistency, high precision and speed. This is a process that aims to detect defects or indications that there is a deviation from the specifications in a timely and effective manner. This process requires a lot of skill and is also very tedious as the employee will have to perform precise and dedicated repetitive tasks for many hours, which can often lead to serious mistakes.

Cobots can perform consistently and extremely accurately repeated workflows and checks to ensure the quality of the products produced. Indicatively, they can be used to measure weight, volume, take physical samples, and even take photos or videos of products or production machines.


They are successfully adopted to optimize the Quality Control processes in the industries:

Indicative applications

Indicative applications for Quality Control using a cobot are:

  • Product weighing and disposal
  • Proper bottle sealing control and disposal


See below application photos:


See below application videos:

Related products

The Hanwha HCR-5 Collaborative Robot can be effectively implemented in a variety of quality control processes including product control, measurement and sorting, such as placing a product in a specific quality control area equipped with cameras or sensors, as well as moving them. defective products in trash cans. The use of the Hanwha HCR-5 in the production line improves product quality, preventing faulty products from being sent to the final recipient, while improving the environment and working conditions of the operators, as they relieve them of repetitive and extremely demanding tasks.

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